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Move Functional Fitness

185 Laredo Drive
Decatur, GA 30030
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p: (404) 371-1355

A Different CrossFit Gym

CrossFit East Decatur, located in Decatur, GA in metro-Atlanta, is now Move Functional Fitness! We are CrossFit affiliate gym with a unique, friendly atmosphere that makes exercise feel like a team sport. In the words of one of our members:

"It's fun and addictive! CrossFit really is like PE for adults."

Move Functional Fitness makes working out feel like a team sport. No more wandering around the gym from machine to machine wondering what body part to work today. The workout is programmed for you and scaled to your current level of fitness. Our experienced trainers make sure you do the workout safely, make sure you keep moving and help you get in the best shape of your life.

The supportive community and fun atmosphere of every class keeps you coming back for more. Never-ending levels of progression ensure that you never get bored and are constantly challenged to reach the next level. Nutrition counseling is included with every membership and can help you achieve your goals more quickly than with exercise alone.

We're at 185 Laredo Drive, Decatur, GA 30030, across from the Dekalb Farmers Market.

We Love Our Members.

  • Mike & Trista: “It's not too often that you find a couple that displays the type of work ethic that you see in Trista and Mike. Seeing where they came from and the time and effort that they CHOSE to put in, makes me very proud as a coach. They've made their fitness a priority which is rare in this day and age, and to know that they are also raising 4 small children...their dedication is awe inspiring. It would be so easy for them to make excuses and let life, finances, busy after school schedules get in their way. Instead, they've gotten...

Simply the Best CrossFit Community Around

The members and trainers of MOVE come from a diverse array of backgrounds, both athletically and personally. Egos are checked at the door, resulting in the most supportive and fun-loving CrossFit community you’ll find anywhere. From frequent personal to team competitions, as well as casual get-togethers, the MOVE team finds ways to come together to celebrate each other. Here are the latest happenings:

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